"These cats play everything AND the kitchen sink!"- Art Observer    

In 2002 a mysterious green iceberg was discovered by a band of unemployed pirates in Lake
Michigan . Frozen inside were the Pickle Boys, cold solid in a chunk of sour brine. The DFPP were
hoisted aboard, chiseled free and re-animated by the ship’s crude pirate scientist chef using a
combination of spirits and pickle juice. As the DFPP awoke from their icy slumber they started
singing and have never stopped. Where the Pickles came from and where they are going remains a

From outhouse to henhouse to waffle house to public house both hither and yon the Pickles have
caused a rafter-shaking ruckus wherever they roll, dreaming a hobo's knapsack of stories and songs
along the way.

These Pickle fellers have wobbled their magical musical gypsy medicine wagon from one end of this
here country to t'other, with stops including LOLLAPALOOZA, WAKARUSA and TELLURIDE
along the way.

What fanciful fuel powers this bubbling band of minstrels you say? Why, it is Pickle Power- the
power to fabricate mutant musical instruments and sea shanties. The power to shatter a barfull of
whisky glasses with sonic ferocity one night then serenade a giggling group of itty bitty kids the next

Armed with a Frankenststonian array of homemade monster instruments, their musical recipe is
flavored with Jug Band, Hokum and Honkeytonk spices. You'll relish the Pickles!

DFPP's bag 'o tricks also includes:

- Eco friendly Instrument building workshops
- Musical Kids Parades
- Instrument Petting Zoo
- Trivia Contests with prizes
-"How to Build a Jug Band" Playshops for adults
- Short "Tweener" Sets between Acts
- Festival Pre-Parties

The Pickles are also educators speciallizing in Art and Music.

DFPP's songs echo back and forth from the 1920's to the 2091's. A music at once playful and
irreverent- Hokum and Honkytonk Space Sushi all rolled up into one. From the great Depression to
the Great Recession, the Pickles run the gamut of old timey styles, even grabbing anoccasional 80's
pop tune and turning it into a flap happy chicken scratchy 78 RPM tune.

The Pickles have collaborated and "jammed" with the Del McCoury Band, Umphrey's McGee,
Chris Thile, Everyone Orchestra, ALO, the Gourds and many more talented artists.

From festivals to fairgrounds, from playshops to workshops, from PBS to the Bravo Network the
Deep Fried Pickle Project dares you to TAKE A BITE.
You're gonna love it!

To View a Pickle Video, go to:

Alan Selvidge- Guitar, Canjo, Cigar Box Uke,Voice, kazoo, Suitcase Bass, & Stumpf Fiddle

Daniel Boone Daniel- Washtub Bass, Harmonica, Kazoo, Saw and other Homemade-A-Phones

*Daniel Also Hosts Tween Set Trivia Contests with Hilarious Prizes for audience teams.

'Whitewood Creek' Fall, 2005
(available at

'M.A.D.E.'- Musicians Assisting Sisaster Efforts, a Katrina CD. Produced by the Pickles - 2005

'Ditties For Kiddies' - Benefit CD for Little Kids Rock Foundation. Produced by the Pickles -
( ) 2007.

'Deep Fried Pickle Project, Live on the Trailer Trash Tour' -2004

'Attack of the Pickles' -2003 (Kids Album)

'3 for $1.25' - 2002