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(On the Road Again)
That's us in the mirror!
Alan and Jerry, somewhere in Colorado, stopping to look at the falling rocks in the road
Leaving the 6 Lazy K Ranch in Glenwood Springs, CO
Backdrop at the Rest Area
The mighty Mississippi as viewed from the train
Alan and Jerry jammin' at the 6 Lazy K ranch in Glenwood Springs, Thanks Julia and Tim!
I think we missed an exit somewhere?
Pictures don't do it justice
Alan, Jerry, and Daniel all rode the train at somepoint on the way to or from Colorado.  The lounge car was pretty rockin' at night, after we started playin'
Thanks, AMTRAK!
Our last Colorado show was an impromptu jam at Denver's Union Station
where we sang too loud and woke up the rich people upstairs....we still didn't get paid, but the weary travelers down below sure enjoyed it