"Daniel Daniel and Alan Selvidge's music is like a
snapshot from America's Heartland."  
South Bend
"We immediately fell in love with them.  They're fun, they're funky, they
represent an interpretation of American culture where you can throw a
bunch of cool things together and make music out of it."  Natacha
Estebanez, Producer
PBS Kids
"Parents and kids alike should be 'pickled pink' by the
new CD from those purveyors of hillbilly
Americana-jug-band music, The Deep Fried Pickle
Kalamazoo Gazette
"3 stars! -- Kids will find 'Attack of the Pickles' outright
hilarious, while their parents will find it surprisingly
intriguing.... The band does...a rap song 'Gettin' Cheesay,'
that's more down than most rap songs on children's
"Campfire music.....for
Art Enthusiast
These fellers are GRADE A belly-button lint, more fun
than a double decker outhouse!
Grandma Wiggleotis
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...Deep Fried Pickles give you the same feeling
when you listen to their music- full and
satisfied.-SPIN Magazine, October '04
"They play hick-a-billy jamgrass like nobody's business."
            Telluride Bluegrass Festival Program, 2004
The best No-Name Band I've ever
Music Lover -Lansing, MI